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Helping Businesses Be the Best Version of Themselves

At Southeast Web Services, we believe that Small Businesses should be able to have an amazing web presence, stand out from the competition and have access to outstanding web-based services to operate and manage their companies all without having to spend a fortune.  


We Truly care about helping our Clients

At Southeast Web Services, we believe in the Golden Rule and that creating Win-Win relationships with our clients is the key to building a successful and thriving long-term business.  It’s not about selling services but providing exceptional value to your clients that makes the difference.  By providing the appropriate solutions with a high level of competency, always going the extra mile to deliver great customer service and caring about doing the right thing, Southeast Web Services makes it easy for small businesses throughout South Florida and the greater Atlanta areas to be their best.

Websites and Online Marketing

With over 50 years of combined experience, our team of designers and digital marketing pros will make you stand out online like never before.

Web Hosting

Our service-driven hosting packages are designed to give you peace of mind and a reliable partner for all your web development and web update needs.

Business Solutions

We cover the basics that every small business needs to stay connected and efficient. Email, VoIP phone systems, Google Workspace solutions, etc.

How We Got Started

Founded by Brian Schiller, a 15+ year veteran of the industry, Southeast Web Services is built on a strong foundation of Value, Integrity, Honesty and Personalized Customer Service in its approach to helping small businesses find affordable web solutions that truly bring value to their organizations.

Having worked as an Account Executive with several digital agencies, Brian was often disillusioned with the quality of service and value being provided to his clients by the agencies he represented. So he decided to start his own agency.  His goal was to provide a unique mix of outstanding products, services and customer care that he could proudly put his name and reputation behind. The goal was to provide small businesses with web solutions of such high quality and so fairly priced that no business in their right mind would ever see a reason to leave.

By creating partnerships with a handful of the finest professionals in the industry he could find, Brian has positioned Southeast Web to be able to offer businesses the tailored solutions they are seeking and the comfort of knowing that they are working with experts who not only know how to get the job done but who are committed to doing their work at the highest levels of excellence and integrity.

Our Specialists

Our successful team

We are a highly experienced team of web strategists, designers, marketing and technology professionals that specialize in providing small businesses with the ideal balance of amazing value, great service and tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of your business.  From amazing WordPress website design to world class managed web hosting services, email and VoIP phone solutions, our people are committed to providing your business with the tools you need to succeed.  Let us handle the hard work of building, customizing and configuring your technology so you can focus on being great at what you do.

Brian S.

Founder/VP BusDev


VP Web/Business Services

Piero A.

Social Media Specialist

Brett G.

Digital Marketing Director

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