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Your Website is the face of Your Business

Is your website outdated and unattractive?  Is it Responsive–meaning able to resize itself to the size and type of device viewing it (i.e. Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop or Desktop)?  Are you sharing a generic DIY GoDaddy or Google webpage with the world and expecting it to leave them with any confidence in your business?

You wouldn’t go out on a first date without taking a shower and getting dressed properly, so why would you allow the marketplace to see your business as less than truly professional?  If cost is the issue, it shouldn’t be.  A great looking and up-to-date website that puts your business in a category with your top competitors is probably less expensive than you think.  And how many customers do you have to lose out on for reasons you’ll never know in order to pay for that website? 

A solid website is an investment in your business, in your brand and your image.  It is a tool to generate new customers and to legitimize your business in an unforgiving and highly competitive market as one that people can put their trust in.  

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Your customers will not give you a second chance to make a first impression

Are you really willing to lose business opportunities because your website is weaker than your competitors, is difficult to navigate or read on a smartphone or lacks decent call to action?  These and other common reasons might be costing you business right now and you wouldn’t even know it.  

The magic of wordpress

WordPress Website Design for Small Business

WordPress Web Design

The Washington Post, Sony Music, PlayStation, CNN, Boeing and Disney are all using the WordPress platform. What is WordPress?  WordPress is an “open source” technology for websites that has a large developer community, a virtually unlimited supply of plug-ins to add great features and connect with other technology solutions…and it has great company!  In fact, this website you’re looking at now was built in WordPress.

WordPress is used by over one third of all known websites on the net and represents greater than a 60% share of the content management systems used on the web. This is an important consideration when you think about the long term viability of your website and the ease of finding people to help support it.  The global WordPress developer community is huge and most any decent web developer worth their salt is well-versed in working with WordPress.


WordPress is a professional grade, easy to use content management systems (CMS) that allows you to edit your own website.  Blogging, updating gallery images, adding pages and more can be done without being a tech expert. Best of all, with a custom WordPress theme, your WordPress website can look unique!

If you want a website that you can update yourself, WordPress is likely the right choice. Started as a simple blogging platform, over the last several years WordPress has grown into a full-blown CMS fit for large eCommerce websites as well as informational business websites that you can log into and edit yourself. WordPress is the right answer for most  businesses who want control of their website content, the comfort of knowing they won’t be stuck with a possibly unreliable specialist on an unknown tech platform, and a website that Google will rank favorably.  Yes…WordPress is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Social Media Marketing friendly.

ecommerce solutions

Which System is Right for Your Online Store?

There are many factors to take into consideration when selling products online.  Design, security, maintenance, cost, hosting, the number and complexity of products being sold, site speed and how transactions will be handled or processed all must be accounted for.  Are you working with an Inventory Management software that needs to collaborate with the online store?

Woo Commerce (WordPress), Magento and Shopify are the most common platforms in the world of eCommerce and Southeast Web Services can develop and support them all.  Talk to us today about your current or future eCommerce needs.  We can consult, build, host and manage your eCommerce platform if that’s what you need.  

TUrning visitors into customers

UI/UX - Creating The interactive experience

For most businesses, a website is more than a nice looking page on the web to explain what you do.  It’s a lead generation tool that, if designed properly, can grow your business by turning everyday visitors into lifelong customers.  

At Southeast Web Services, we’ve built hundreds of websites and understand the art of what it takes to turn your hard earned website traffic into phone calls and contact form submissions.  Websites should be aesthetically pleasing but also succinct and easy to navigate–providing timely, relevant information to a user’s search with a strong call to action that converts leads.  

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