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Are Your Potential Customers Able to Find You?

By now pretty much everyone understands the power of Google.  Approximately 87% of the total searches done online in the U.S. today take place on Google.  It is one of the primary sources of information for many people and where most go to do research on products and services before making a purchase.

For locally-based small businesses Google is a crucial source of opportunity for leads and finding new customers.  But how do you make your website visible on Google, Bing and other search engines for the “keywords” or search terms that your prospective customers are looking for when researching companies like yours?  

Without oversimplifying things, Google has an algorithm which determines which websites or web pages should rank in any particular order for any particular search term.  There are many factors that are involved in this algorithm and it changes regularly.  Google does not publish it so to figure it out requires lots of trial and error and experience.  At Southeast Web Services, we are true experts at SEO and have been putting our clients at the top of Google’s search results for over 15 years!

Does SEO REally WORK Anymore?

SEO: The Best Value in Online Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is one of the primary ways to enhance your businesses’ online presence and its beauty lies in the fact that you do not have to pay Google for the traffic that comes to your website from those who find you.  How you get those top “organic” rankings for your target keywords is done through the art and science of SEO.  Not everyone who provides SEO services does the same thing in the same way which is why some see better results than others.  

If you’ve tried SEO before with other companies and haven’t seen results that doesn’t mean SEO doesn’t work, it just means that they didn’t do the right things or didn’t do enough work to get you the results you were looking for.  There is no magic wand with SEO, it requires sustained effort and hard work and a high level of knowledge about how best to earn Google’s interest.  But when the results come, they are lasting, powerful and they produce the highest ROI in online marketing.

SEO Starts With Your target keywords
The best Strategies for Online Lead Generation
Are you Ready to be a winner online?

Tell us about your Goals

The best time to start doing SEO is yesterday.  Building your reputation with Google is not bought, it is earned. The sooner you begin your SEO the sooner you will gain authority and begin ranking on the 1st page of Google, Bing and the other search engines for your prized target keywords.

The INgredients of Winning SEO

Having the right ingredients to cook and being a great chef are two very different things, and such is the case with Search Engine Optimization.  There are many elements that together combine to build a winning SEO campaign but how they are done and the precision and detail with which they are done make all the difference.

Local Search

Winning the "map" game is key for locally-based businesses. At Southeast Web Services, we have the strategy to make it happen.

Keyword Research

It's not enough to guess what people are searching for, we use statistical analysis to find the keywords that produce real traffic.

Traffic Analytics

Only by reviewing the analytics that show where your web traffic originates can we understand our areas of opportunity.

Content Strategy

Understanding what matters to your business, where your customers are and what they want allows us to produce great content.

Content Creation

Consistency and frequency counts. Blogs, Articles and Interior Pages of the right length, well-written with proper keyword density.

Organic Search

Approximately 70% of Google's cickthroughs happen in the organic search results so it is of vital importance that users find you there.

We offer Small Businesses Like Yours high quality and affordable SEO packages that Work!

If you have tried SEO and lost, you just haven’t found the right SEO partner.  Talk to a Southeast Web Services team member today to learn more about the affordable SEO and Online Marketing options we can offer you that are designed to help your business find new customers and sustainable long-term growth.

No more false promises

Transparency, Honesty, Hard Work

Many SEO providers will sign you up to long-term agreements, bill you monthly and provide very little service.  In fact, you may not even know what it is that they are doing each month to earn your money.  At Southeast Web Services, every SEO program we have is specific in terms of what it is we will do each month and you will know exactly what you are getting for your investment.  We do not make false promises about magical overnight results because that just doesn’t happen with SEO.  

If you are looking for an SEO provider that combines experience, competence, honesty, professionalism and outstanding customer support then you are in the right place.   We do not ask our clients to sign long-term agreements because we only want to work with you if you want to work with us and we know that if we do good work and produce results you are likely to stick around.  

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