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Google AdWords can be your best friend but it can also be a very expensive foe.  Your Adwords campaign needs to be built and managed properly if you’re going to see the kind of results you want.  

Running an AdWords campaign and running it successfully are two very different things.  Unfortunately, we run into many situations where businesses have been running their campaign inhouse or in many cases working with an agency or an “AdWords specialist” who have set the campaign up incorrectly and failing to identify tremendous spend waste. 

At Southeast Web Services, we not only bring the necessary experience and professionalism to AdWords campaigns that your business needs but we manage your budget like it’s our own.  

The Buildout

We'll set up your campaign so we choose where your money gets spent, not Google.

Ongoing Optimization

Some set it and forget it, at Southeast Web we watch daily for consistent improvement.

Our proven process

Winning with AdWords is All About the Details

Every business that uses AdWords is looking for the holy grail…ROI!  AdWords is the primary source of revenue for Google and businesses simply would not be advertising there if they weren’t making a return.  If you have tried AdWords and lost, the chances are your campaign was mismanaged on some level. The key to success with AdWords starts with the campaign creation and continues in the consistent, ongoing analysis of the results.  What makes us different?  Experience, Expertise and Attention to Detail…

Before we begin, we work with you to get a comprehensive understanding of your company, services, demographic and geographic targets. We do extensive keyword research to see which ones generate solid traffic volumes and where we can generate the right traffic at a lower cost per click with less competitive “long-tail keywords”.  We will also review any pre-existing campaigns to determine where money was misspent and other areas of opportunity.

We build our strategy around your unique goals, target customers, and product offerings. Additionally, we use detailed demographic and geo-targeting to make sure that your campaigns only reach consumers who fit the profile of your target customer and are most likely to be interested in your brand and product or service offerings.

Our AdWords campaign setup process including creating your custom account structure with relevant ad groups, retargeting lists, product feeds, keywords, negative keywords, and more. We then create ad text variations built to generate maximum interest. Finally, we build or customize the landing pages that will get them to follow through and convert into an actionable lead for your business.

We monitor your campaigns daily for new areas of improvement so that we consistently increase clickthrough rates, improve your AdWords quality score and reduce your cost per click (CPC).  We spend our clients money like it’s our own, eliminating any signs of spend waste and continually seeking ways to fine tune your campaigns.

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100% PPC Focused Team

A Dedicated top Google Ads Agency In Georgia & Florida division to deliver premium pay-per-click services.

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Certified PPC Experts

Let the Google certified Pay Per Click experts run your campaigns to get the most for every dollar your spend.

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No Long Term Contracts

No need to sign a long-term Pay Per Click contract with us but see the results yourself and then decide further

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Google Partner Agency

Official Google Partner Agency to ensure that you work with the right people for the right results in a shorter period.

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Creative Landing Pages

We help you create "Creative" landing pages that engage your prospects form the moment they land on an ad.

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Don't Set It and Forget It

We don't set it and forget it. Rather, we stay focused on improving the ad campaign performance round the clock.

Ready To Get Started?

If Lead Gen Is On Your Mind, Our AdWords Team Is Ready

By now you probably have questions or perhaps you would like to talk to one of our team members.  Call us today or fill out the short form below and we’ll get back to you right away.

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